Program-Specific Information 项目具体信息:Chinese PhD (Intercultural Studies) 中文哲学博士 (跨文化研究)


Overview 概述

This program is designed to equip aspiring scholars with a terminal academic degree in Intercultural Studies to serve in a Sinophone context. The program is committed to Columbia International University’s core value of World Evangelization, the College of Intercultural Studies’s commitment to the study and practice of Christian mission, and the institute’s vision of interdisciplinary worldview formation that equips Christian leaders for community service worldwide. Candidates are prepared to produce original research at the highest level of missiological training. With the final product of the PhD being a dissertation that is an original work of academic research (80,000-100,000 in English or 120,000-150,000 words in Chinese), students may focus their research in any of the areas of Intercultural Studies including Theology of Mission, History of Mission, Cultural and Worldview studies, Mission Strategy, as well as Islamic studies.



The PhD program strives to produce academically trained missiologists who will engage in theological education, university teaching, mission leadership, non-governmental (NGO) work, and pastoral ministry, among other related vocations, in China and the broader Sinophone world.

本项目致力于培养受过学术训练的宣教士,他们将在中国和更广泛的华语世界从事神学教育、大学教学、宣教领导、非政府 (NGO) 工作和教牧事工等相关职业。


Upon successfully completing the ICS PhD, candidates will:


  • Demonstrate skill in appropriate research methods in the field of Intercultural Studies.
  • 在跨文化研究领域展示出适当研究方法的技能。

  • Evaluate precedent literature in the candidate’s focus area in Intercultural Studies.
  • 对候选人所选跨文化研究重点领域内的先例文献进行评估。

  • Produce original research at the highest academic level in the field of Intercultural Studies in the Chinese language.
  • 在中文跨文化研究领域进行最高学术水平的原创研究。

These competencies will be evaluated through the candidate’s original work in the form of a dissertation, which will be supervised and directed by an expert in the candidate’s chosen area of study jointly appointed by the institute and the College of Intercultural Studies.


Admission Requirements 入学要求

In addition to the general admission requirements of the Chinese PhD programs at the institute, applicants should meet the following requirements in order for their applications to be considered by the admissions committee.


  • Online application
  • 在线申请

  • Application fee
  • 缴纳报名费

  • Affirm to be a Christian and agree with CIU’s Doctrinal Standard
  • 确认自己是基督徒并同意CIU的教义标准

  • Official transcript for the highest earned degree and any master’s level credits earned
  • 所获最高学位以及所获任何硕士水平学分的官方成绩单

  • A minimum 3.25 GPA (or equivalent) for the most recent degree earned
  • 最近所获学位绩点不低于GPA3.25(或同等水平)

  • A Master’s degree (MA, MDiv, ThM) or an overseas equivalent from an accredited university or seminary that provides a relevant foundation (in biblical, theological, cultural, and missiological studies). At least 18 hours of graduate work must have been completed in Intercultural Studies.
  • 获硕士学位(文硕/M.A.、道硕/M.Div或神硕/Th.M)或海外同等学历,需由被认证的大学或神学院提供,该硕士学位课程必须提供相关的基础知识(圣经,神学,文化,和宣教学研究)。其中至少有 18个学分的课程内容与跨文化研究相关。

  • Personal Statement (2,000 words in English or 3,000 words in Chinese) detailing the following:
  • 个人陈述(2000英文字或3000中文字)详细说明以下内容:

  • The applicant’s motivation in applying to the program
  • 申请人申请该项目的动机

  • Possible academic areas, themes, and topics the applicant intends to explore in his/her doctoral research
  • 申请人打算在他/她的博士研究中探索哪些可能的学术领域、主题,和课题。

  • Possible vocations or ministries the applicant intends to pursue upon successful completion of the degree
  • 成功完成学位后申请人打算从事哪些可能的职业或事工。

  • The candidate’s experience in cross-cultural ministry (if any)
  • 候选人在跨文化事工方面的经验(若有)

  • A 30-40-page academic writing sample (English or Chinese) demonstrating (1) proficiency in academic English or Chinese and (2) intellectual competency for doctoral studies
  • 一份30-40页的学术写作样本(英文或中文),证明 (1) 精通学术英文或中文,并具有(2) 博士研究的智识能力


  • A Master’s thesis in Intercultural Studies (English or Chinese) 
  • 跨文化研究硕士论文(英文或中文)

  • Church Leader Reference
  • 一封教会领袖推荐信

  • Two Academic References
  • 两封学术推荐信

  • A minimum of 3 years of cross-cultural ministry experience preferred
  • 至少3年跨文化事工经验者优先

Residency and Transfer Policy 驻校和转学分政策

Candidates are not required to study in residence. The two required seminars are offered online by the College of Intercultural Studies in English, and candidates may choose to complete their grading items (assignments, tests, exams, papers, etc.) in Chinese to be evaluated by the appointed instructors in the Institute. The dissertation writing process is an independent research experience with a specialist, jointly approved and appointed by the Institute and the College of Intercultural Studies, in the candidate’s field of study.


Up to 12 hours may be transferred in to the program if the candidate has demonstrated the equivalent of the research methods and dissertation proposal seminars (ICS 9600 and ICS 9900). In certain limited cases, advanced Masters level work may be considered for transfer.

若候选人已证明其相当于研究方法和论文提案研讨会(ICS 9600 和 ICS 9900)的同等能力,则最多可以将12小时的研究转移到该项目中。在某些有限的情况下,高级硕士水平的工作也可以考虑转学分。

Completion Requirements 学位完成要求

  • Successful completion of Research Methods and Dissertation Proposal Seminars
  • 成功完成研究方法和论文提案研讨课程

  • Successful oral defense (in English or Mandarin) before a defense committee jointly approved and appointed by the Institute and ICS College
  • 在本学院和CICS联合批准任命的答辩委员会面前成功答辩(英语或普通话)

  • Maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.2 (on a 4.0 scale), with no grade below “B-” applicable to the degree. (Transfer grades are not calculated in the cumulative GPA)
  • 最低累计 GPA 保持在 3.2(以 4.0 为标准),且所有适用于该学位的成绩不低于“B-”。(转学成绩不计入累计 GPA)

  • If a candidate does not successfully pass the oral defense or if he/she successfully completes 30 credit hours of study in the program but are unable to continue, he/she may be awarded a Master of Arts in Research.
  • 若候选人没有通过口头答辩,或他/她已完成该项目30个学分的学习但无法继续,他/她可能会被授予研究文学硕士学位。

Program Design项目设计

The Chinese PhD in Intercultural Studies consists of 48 semester hours of study. The program is designed so that candidates who pursue their research and writing at the pace of 9 credits each semester should be able to complete their degrees in three years. Candidates who pursue their research and writing at the pace of 4.5 credits each semester should be able to complete their degrees in five years. If candidates extend their studies beyond the planned timeframe, they will pay a continuation fee for each semester they remain in the program. The candidate has the option to compose the dissertation in Chinese and defend it in Mandarin. The foundational courses are offered in English, and candidates have the option of completing the required grading items (assignments, tests, etc.) in either English or Chinese.


Course of Study (Research + Proposal + Dissertation + Defense) (48)


Foundation 基础课程 (12)

  • ICS 9600 - Research Methods in Intercultural Studies (6 credits)
  • ICS 9600 - 跨文化研究的研究方法(6 学分)

  • ICS 9900 - Dissertation Proposal in Intercultural Studies (6 credits)
  • ICS 9900 - 跨文化研究的论文提案(6 学分)

Dissertation 论文课程 (36)

  • ICS 9901 - Dissertation Research & Development in ICS I (4.5+4.5 credits)*
  • ICS 9901 - 跨文化研究的论文研究与发展 I(4.5+4.5 学分)*

  • ICS 9902 - Dissertation Research & Development in ICS II (4.5+4.5 credits)
  • ICS 9902 - 跨文化研究的论文研究与发展 II(4.5+4.5 学分)

  • ICS 9903 - Dissertation Research & Development in ICS III (4.5+4.5 credits)
  • ICS 9903 - 跨文化研究的论文研究与发展 III(4.5+4.5 学分)

  • ICS 9904 - Dissertation Research & Development in ICS IV (4.5+4.5 credits)
  • ICS 9904 - 跨文化研究的论文研究与发展 IV(4.5+4.5 学分)

  • ICS 9999 - Dissertation Continuation (no credit)
  • ICS 9999 - 继续论文写作(无学分)

Dissertation Defense (no credit) 论文答辩(无学分)

  • ICS 9905 – Dissertation Defense in ICS (no credit)
  • ICS 9905 –跨文化研究论文答辩(无学分)

*Prerequisite: satisfactory English proficiency test results (see “General Admission Requirements” under “General Information”) for candidates whose native language is not English. 


Tuition 学费

The tuition fee for the Chinese PhD (Intercultural Studies) is US$580/credit; each course is usually between 3 to 9 credits, and the annual tuition may be adjusted.

中文哲学博士 (跨文化研究)的学费为580美元/学分,一个课程通常3到9学分,每年学费可能会有所调整。

Staff and Mentors 员工和导师

All mentors in the PhD programs are fluent in English and Mandarin. Contracted on an adjunct basis, our growing list of mentors is comprised of highly qualified scholars in Intercultural Studies, Theological Studies, Biblical Studies, and Practical Theology.


Intercultural Studies 跨文化研究

Grant Chen (PhD, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) is founder and President of the Blessings Foundation and Blessings Cultural Mission Fellowship. As an author of numerous books and with a wealth of experience in pastoral ministry, Dr. Chen is one of the most influential leaders in cultural missiology in the Chinese world. His doctoral thesis was a comparative study of Christianity and New Confucianism, and he supervises doctoral candidates in the broad areas of cultural missiology and intercultural studies.


Wenhui Gong (PhD, Biola) is a core member of the Chinese Seminary Studies program at CIU. He is the founder Chinese Diaspora Mission, headquartered in Chicago. He is the (co-)author of Case Studies of Diaspora Missiology in North America (Tien-Dao, published in Chinese) and a number of articles in missiology. Previously he served as a missionary to Africa with OMF International. He supervises doctoral candidates in the broad areas of intercultural studies and missiology.

龚文辉(拜欧拉大学哲学博士)是CIU中文神学院研究项目的核心教职员。他是华人散聚事工(Chinese Diaspora Mission)的创始人,总部设在芝加哥。他著有《散聚宣教学:北美个案研究》(天道出版)和多篇宣教学文章。此前,他曾在国际海外基督使团(OMF International)担任非洲传教士。他指导跨文化研究和宣教学广泛领域的博士生。